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GE 2020 Campaign Trail


Thank you.

Dear residents of Siglap and East Coast. Thank you. The support you have shown is much appreciated and I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve you for another term. I am conscious that the results tell us there is much more to be done here. The first - and most important - affirmation we want to make is to assure all resident of East Coast that we are here for you - and are committed to hearing your concerns. The East Coast plan is a plan for all - and together we will make it a reality. I made a commitment to work to earn your vote every day, and that's exactly what I will do. I encourage you to use all the channels available to you to reach out with your concerns. And trust that I will give it the attention it needs. Meanwhile, thank you again for turning up to vote, for bearing with the weather and the waiting times. I really am grateful and I remain here, for you.

=== Polling Day: 10 July 2020 ===

=== Campaign Day 9: 8 July 2020 ===

Playback our e-Forum on the East Coast Action Plan here:

=== Campaign Day 8: 7 July 2020 ===

=== Campaign Day 7: 6 July 2020 ===

=== Campaign Day 6: 5 July 2020 ===

Playback my 5 July 2020 Lunchtime e-Chat here:

=== Campaign Day 5: 4 July 2020 ===

Playback our 4 July 2020 Lunchtime e-Rally here:

Playback our 4 July 2020 Primetime East Coast GRC Political Broadcast here:

=== Campaign Day 4: 3 July 2020 ===

=== Campaign Day 3: 2 July 2020 ===

Playback my Party Political Broadcast (Malay) from 2 July 2020 here:

=== Campaign Day 2: 1 July 2020 ===

Playback our 1 July 2020 Primetime e-Rally here:

=== Nomination Day & Campaign Day 1: 30 June 2020 ===

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